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Security dangers of nuclear power plants

A tempting target Accurate missiles and drones could knock down critical electrical supply lines to nuclear reactors and destroy emergency generators, nuclear control rooms, reactor containment buildings, and spent reactor fuel buildings. This article focuses on Turkey but applies much more broadly. By Henry Sokolski and John Spacapan, March 14, 2021

The computer infection of Kudankulam and its implications The October 2019 cyberattack on a computer system at the Kudankulam (India) nuclear power plant points to new pathways to severe accidents that can result in widespread radioactive fallout. Attempts to lower this risk would further increase the cost of nuclear power. By M.V. Ramana, University of British Columbia, and Lauren J. Borja, Standord University. The India Forum, January 10, 2020

Desperate to keep uncompetitive nuclear plants open, industry claims they are need for "security" The industry now admits its connection to nuclear weapons, and is using that claim to make electricity customers pay to keep nuclear power plants going. By Victor Galinsky and Henry Sokolski, The National Interest, August 8, 2018

Orlando killer worked as guard for company that provides security officers at 90% of US nuclear plants Beyond Nuclear, June 16, 2016

Scottish nuclear facilities said to be vulnerable to terrorist attack A new analysis for the 40-strong group of Nuclear-Free Local Authorities (NFLA) highlights the vulnerability of Scottish nuclear facilities at Faslane, Hunterston, Torness, and Dounreay to mass drone strikes, sophisticated cyber attacks, and terrorist infiltrators. The Herald (Scotland), May 29, 2016

Balancing risks: nuclear energy & climate change The world is not now safe for a rapid global expansion of nuclear energy. Nuclear-energy use today relies on technologies and a system of national governance of the nuclear fuel cycle that carry substantial risks of nuclear weapons proliferation. The risks that a global expansion of nuclear power will facilitate nuclear proliferation and incidents of nuclear terrorism, or even lead to regional nuclear war, are significant. By Robert H. Socolow & Alexander Glaser, Dædalus, Fall 2009


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