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The Columbia Generating Station (CGS),
formerly known as WPPSS Nuclear Plant #2


There's a nuclear reactor in my backyard The CGS poses risks to the Columbia River and the populations along it. By Leslie March in the Chinook Observer, February 28, 2017

Closing Richland nuclear plant would  be a win for ratepayers, study says Northwest ratepayers could save hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade if BPA and Energy Northwest close the regions only commercial nuclear power plant (WPPSS-2) and replace its electricity with renewable resources, a new study has found. The Oregonian (Portland), February 18, 2017

Close the expensive Columbia Generating Station Portland pays for CGS in its rates but does not actually receive energy from the plant. The plant will be down for refueling in 2017. This would be an excellent time to replace our eight-track tape player with modern technology — cleaner, safer and less costly. By Robert McCullough in The Oregonian (Portland), July 7, 2016
Balancing an aging Hanford nuke plant against cheaper firm market power purchases Rebuttal to an Energy Northwest response to his earlier article. By Robert McCullough in The Oregonian (Portland), July 22, 2016

Our future is in green energy, not aging, costly nuclear plants Economist Robert McCullough responds to an op-ed by a member of the Energy Northwest board that criticized the Seattle City Council's resolution. Seattle Times, June 30, 2016

Seattle Anti-Nuke Resolution Compromise Keeps CGS Running Clearing Up, June 3, 2016

Seattle City Council passes resolution opposing nuclear power The Seattle City Council this week told its utility to move away from getting electricity from fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The resolution also directs Seattle City Light Department to use its position on the Energy Northwest board to consider replacing its electricity with carbon-neutral alternatives. Tri-City Herald, June 1, 2016

Groups seek closure of Northwest's only nuke plant Heart of America Northwest and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility on Wednesday said the Columbia Generating Station should be closed because of worries about the storage pool that cools used nuclear fuel. A new report commissioned by the groups also questioned worker protection at the plant, which is on leased land at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Associated Press, November 20, 2014

Hanford nuke plant's earthquake risk underestimated, group says
A new report by Physicians for Social Responsibility says earthquake risks were seriously underestimated when the state’s only commercial nuclear-power plant was built almost 30 years ago on the Hanford nuclear reservation. By Sandi Doughton, Seattle Times, November 1, 2013

Seattle City Light's little nuclear share
By Martha Baskin, Crosscut, August 16, 2014

Seattle City Light Should Promote CGS Shutdown, City Council Energy Committee Told
By Jude Noland, Clearing Up, August 15, 2014 (PDF)

As nuclear power dies, solar rises
By Denis Hayes and Scott Denman, April 22, 2014, in CNN.com

Columbia River nuclear plant poses dire threat
By Susan Cundiff, November 20, 2013. Published in the Eugene Register Guard

Columbia Generating Station: Why relicense a nuclear power plant 10 years early? (Commentary by John Pearson, MD in The Oregonian) July 30, 2012

Shut down the Northwest's only nuclear power plant (Commentary by John Howieson, MD in The Oregonian) June 17, 2012

Senator Ron Wyden deserves support on nuclear waste safety (Guest opinion by John Pearson, MD in The Oregonian) August 31, 2013

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