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Physicians for Social Responsibility Organizers of the campaign to shut down the Columbia Generating Station (formerly WPPSS Nuclear Plant 2)

Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) is a national information and networking center for citizens and environmental activists concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation and sustainable energy issues. NIRS initiates large-scale organizing and public education campaigns on specific issues, such as preventing construction of new reactors, radioactive waste transportation, deregulation of radioactive materials, and more. Its international programs and affiliation with WISE (World Information Service on Energy) mean that its network spans more than a dozen offices and programs around the globe. Sign up for their e-mail list here. See the WISE publication Nuclear Monitor here.

Beyond Nuclear aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future. Beyond Nuclear advocates for an energy future that is sustainable, benign and democratic. The Beyond Nuclear team works with diverse partners and allies to provide the public, government officials, and the media with the critical information necessary to move humanity toward a world beyond nuclear. On that page you can sign up for their e-mailed Bulletin.

NukeFree.org Working to stop construction of new nuclear reactors and to close those now in operation.

Union of Concerned Scientists UCS has worked for decades to educate policy makers and the public about nuclear power. UCS experts have testified before Congress, provided safety instruction to NRC staffers, and appeared on national television and radio programs to offer a scientifically grounded perspective that will help shape better policy.

Rocky Mountain Institute Search the site for keyword "nuclear."

Natural Resources Defense Council New nuclear power plants are unlikely to provide a significant fraction of future U.S. needs for low-carbon energy. NRDC favors more practical, economical and environmentally sustainable approaches to reducing both U.S. and global carbon emissions, focusing on the widest possible implementation of end-use energy-efficiency improvements, and on policies to accelerate commercialization of clean, flexible, renewable energy technologies.

Sierra Club
     Retiring old nuclear plants.  
     Why new nukes are a bad idea

     Fact sheet on nuclear power: why nuclear power doesn't make sense.   
Sierra Club's Washington State Chapter calls for shutting down the state's nuclear power plant, August 12, 2014
Short video co-produced by the Sierra Club, on the long-term dangers of nuclear power, and the better alternatives 2015

Public Citizen Search the site for keyword "nuclear." Also, see Facebook page.

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability works to find solutions that can achieve a vision of a modern society that runs off renewable energy sources, has verifiably dismantled the world's nuclear arsenal, and has responsibly disposed of our nuclear waste.

No Nukes CA Committed to shutting down Diablo Canyon reactors - sunset for nuclear power in California.


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